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Primum Verbum Publishing House

We excel in publishing books. Our representatives will take care of every single step of the publishing process. All the author has to do is to sign an agreement and enjoy the books made for him or her.

Text correction and editing

We have successfully completed linguistic corrections and edited hundreds of books, magazines, and documents. There are numerous editing-specific principles that we are aware of and can help you implement.

Typesetting and text makeup

We can also help you with a professional text makeup. We offer our clients personalized book and magazine layouts. On request, we can also create neatly composed and adjusted covers.

Promotional materials

Our experts design and produce advertising, promotional, and PR-specific materials, such as backdrops, bulletins, catalogues, folders, leaflets, etc.

Identity design

A cohesive and consistent Corporate Identity system has a tremendous impact on the overall image of the company. We can create all requested elements of corporate identity design, such as logos or corporate document templates.

Graphic design of documents

Employed professionals can prepare linguistically correct and aesthetically pleasing documents for you, including: CVs, Cover Letter, commercial offers, etc.

Primum Verbum books

We also run an online bookstore, which offers books published by the Primum Verbum Publishing House. The offer incorporates, among others, a vast selection of humanities-related books.

PR training sessions

We would also like to interest our prospective clients in modular online courses touching upon various topics from such fields as marketing, business, and social communication, which will help you improve your skills with regard to efficient negotiations and widely-understood PR.


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Opinions of our Clients
Maciej Woźniczka, PhD, AJD professor,
AJD, Częstochowa
The ordered services based on drafting and typesetting a 40-sheet scientific publication has been realized in a professional and swift manner. I would also like to thank the company for the creation of an unusual cover design, which has been appreciated by the Readers.
I would like to wholeheartedly recommend the Primum Verbum Company!
Beata Pawlikowska, PhD
University of Lodz
I have to indicate a truly professional approach of the Publisher to my order – starting from cost estimation up to book publishing. The price-to-quality ratio was simply optimal. I can recommend the company, as I am fully satisfied with the course of cooperation.
Krzysztof Sakowski, PhD
University of Lodz
Remarkably understanding and professional approach to clients. Swift order realization.
I highly recommend this publishing house!
    Welcome to our Bookstore!

    The Primum Verbum Online Bookstore offers, among others, scientific and popular science-related books touching upon various topics of humanities and social sciences. The created offer incorporates publications both in Polish and in foreign languages (with regard to topic-specific books and illustrative publications), dictionaries, non-fiction, and belles-lettres. We would also like to interest you in books available in digital form (e-books).


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